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We are building new solutions to incentivize drug companies to say YES to terminally and chronically ill patients asking for COMPASSIONATE USE of experimental medical treatments when there are no other options left for them.

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Compassionate Use is access to experimental medical treatments when patients with life-threatening or life-debilitating health conditions have no other treatment options left and still want to fight to LIVE. FDA facilitates compassionate use through expanded access programs.


The biggest barrier to compassionate use is drug company agreement to allow patient access to a treatment. Drug companies hesitate for many reasons—legal, financial, manufacturing, PR, human resources, precedence. For patients, it often seems a hit-or-miss situation of reaching the right executive at the right company at the right time for the right treatment. And that’s not right.


CURe Solution Hub will bring heroes and everyday people—patients, drug companies, health care providers, policy folks, clinical researchers, scholars—together to build practical solutions that break the barriers to YES.

CURe Info Hub will provide user-friendly how-to guides for patients, physicians,and small businesses.

Together, let’s make compassionate use work for the country & the world.

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